Case Study: Business Transformation and Capital Formation

The client, based in Europe and South Africa, was founded as a healthcare consulting firm to health systems in the developing world, and those who serve them, over a decade ago. Over the course of its business, the client built a sophisticated, cloud-based enterprise analytics and workflow software suite, and delivered it to its healthcare system customers in the developing world. The company wished to transform from a consulting model to a software company to increase its impact, and create more value in the business. As part of that process, the client wanted to explore opportunities in new markets and geographies, and raise capital from strategic partners able to help accelerate growth.


A KBT partner helped the client develop and refine its software business model and plan, identify potential investors and partners, and execute the fundraising and partnering process. As a result, the client closed an institutional investment from the impact investing arm of a large, multinational, private-equity firm, as well as a partnership with a leading technology company.


Today, the client is using the invested capital to expand international distribution to transform into a software-driven company, building on its legacy of partnering with governments, multinational health organizations, donors and private sector companies in more than 20 countries to improve the health and wellbeing of underserved populations.